Quick Lime Powder Manufacturers


Quick Lime Powder offered by us is rigorously checked on various parameters by quality experts and packed with high precision so as to meet the industry quality standards.

Industrial Applications includes:

  • AAC Blocks manufacturing, Various Adhesives manufacturing.

Quick Lime Powder Characteristics

Available in 20 Kg, 25 Kg & 40 Kg Bags.

  • Reduced Reaction Time
  • Reduced Consumption
  • Reduced Handling Cost
  • Minimized Disposal Problem.
  • Fully sealed and tamper proof packaging available in 50 Kgs& 1 MT Jumbo Bag
Available CaO % 80-85
Total CaO % 85-88
% Acid Insoluble as SiO2                                            2 (Max)
% MgO 2.5 (Max)
% R2O3 0.25 (Max.)
Mesh (BSS) 200
Reactivity time 55o C (in Min.) 40 Max
Before lime
After Lime