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Gypsum Plaster Manufacturers and Suppliers

Garg Brothers Plaster Industries offers India’s finest quality building construction and renovation products, which can give shape to your challenging interior and exterior renovation ideas. The company has been established over a decade ago around 2002 under the guidance of Mr. Shankar Lal Garg who has vast experience of more than 25 years in field of reputed manufacturer and exporter of premium quality Gypsum Powder, Plaster Of Paris (POP), Plaster of Paris, Wall Putty, Limestone and Flyash Bricks which are marketed under the brand name ‘GYPSONA’.

Gypsona Plaster are the conspicuous Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer, Service Provider, Distributor, Supplier, Trading Company, a wide scope of Low Price Plaster of Paris Suppliers, Rajasthan, India. Our gave item are a standout among the most favoured decisions among our clients. At low Cost.

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Gypsona Plaster Vision


Garg Brothers Plaster Industries aspires to cement its stature as a preeminent entity within the global mineral powder fabrication sector. Our strategy entails augmenting our dominion over quarries and perpetually refining our methodologies to satiate the burgeoning requisites of both international and domestic clientele. As the foremost artisans and purveyors of Plaster of Paris in Rajasthan, we pledge unwavering dedication to superiority and expansion.

Gypsona Plaster Mission


  • We continuously adapt to our client’s evolving needs by deeply understanding their specific requirements. 
  • Our commitment is to deliver exceptional service with professionalism, ethics, and transparency.
  •  We integrate and uphold value-centred approaches in both technology and human resources across our operations in pop manufacturing and plaster of Paris supply

Our Products Range

GYPSONA Plaster Of Paris

What Is POP?

Plaster of Paris (Gypsum Plaster) manufactured decorations can add a special and personal touch to your home. Whether it’s decorative cornices, ceiling roses, columns, or various other possibilities, your imagination is the limit. Gypsona offers an ideal solution for all your gypsum plaster applications.

Differentiating GYPSONA From Other Brands.

We pride ourselves as a top manufacturer of Plaster of Paris (Gypsum Plaster), offering a range known for its ultra-whiteness, purity, and ultra-fine mesh. The exceptional fineness and lightweight nature of our plaster make it highly economical for both office and residential applications.

What is Plaster of Paris

Plaster of Paris pop manufacturer decorations add that special and personal touch to a home. Be it decorative cornices, ceiling roses, columns and lots of other possibilities if you allow your imagination to fly. Gypsona offers an ideal solution for all POP (Plaster of Paris) applications

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Differentiating GYPSONA from other brands.

We are the best Plaster of Paris Manufacturers provide Ultra White, purity and ultra fine mesh are the attributes that well defines our POP range
Ultra-fineness of our Plaster and lightness makes it economical for your office or residential domain.

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