Plaster of Paris

plaster of paris | Gypsona Plaster

We are the best plaster of Paris suppliers in Rajasthan with rich industrial experience of more than 25 years, we are engaged in offering top of the quality Gypsona Plaster of Paris that is made by calcining high quality gypsum. It is smooth, strong & extra white, making it ideal for intricate decorative pattern like molding, false ceiling etc. Our product is strictly checked with various check points, in order to provide flawless whiteness & appropriate setting time.

Plaster of paris is a building material used for the protective and/or decorative coating of walls and ceilings and for moulding and casting decorative elements.

Packaging Details

Available in 20 Kg, 25 Kg & 40 Kg Bags.

General Specification “Gypsona” POP
Setting Time 15-20 min
Residue 2% – 4%
Whiteness 70% – 80%
ISO Certified
Tensile Strength 7.6 kg/cm
Wastage Nil
POP Cement

Garg Brothers Plaster Industries offer pure and flawlessly white GYPSONA. We are the leading Plaster of Paris Suppliers for all applications ranging from walls, ceilings, & home interiors. The whiteness of this Plaster of Paris (POP) stays for years together thus proving the fact that it’s purity is not momentary but a long lasting one. GYPSONA is a superior quality Plaster of Paris (POP) as its manufacturing process includes many strong scientific tests. The major test is the calcium cooking process wherein each droplet of pure calcium sulphate is heated at a predetermined temperature and the silica is separated. The result of this procedure is that GYPSONA doesn’t shrink or crack after drying thus our Plaster of Plaster is very user friendly and doesn’t create many problems for the user.

GYPSONA (POP) is so finely ground that it is a low density powder thus it covers more area with less material. GYPSONA (POP) also guarantees consistency not only in quality, but also in after sales services as technical and logistic support.