Ready Mix Plaster Manufacturers

Ready Mix Plaster Manufacturers

Garg Brothers Plaster Industries excel in Ready Mix Plaster Manufacturers which is used for excellent wall surface finish. Our product in the name of Shyam Sri Ram Plaster provides an excellent finish to interior walls, ceilings and columns. Directly applied to a wall, it has an extensive use in residential and commercial complexes in civil engineering and other areas of construction and interior designing. It is a ready-to-use dry powder that is light brown in colour, manufactured to provide high-early strength within a very short span of time by mixing optimum quantity of water.

Area of Application:

  • Internal bare brick walls
  • Hollow Concrete Blocks
  • Concrete Columns
  • R.C.C Ceilings
  • Shiperox Blocks Work
  • Flawless whiteness, an expression of purity
  • User friendly and easy in application

Packaging Details

Available in 20 Kg, 25 Kg & 40 Kg Bags.

SHYAM SRI RAM Plaster is a pure gypsum based plaster suitable for most internal walls and partition surfaces including bricks, blocks, cement and concrete

This ready mix single application plaster consists of pure gypsum hemi hydrates formulated with special additives to improve the performance and workability.

Depending on the type of application surface, even or uneven, it can be effectively used for both fine surface finishing and thick base plastering. SHYAM SRI RAM Ready Mix Plaster is very economical as it covers more area with less material as it is a low density powder


Our ready mix plaster is a fine quality Plaster of Paris blend exceptionally made to give a better complete than the inside wall. Gypsona ready mix plaster works successfully on both even and uneven base, which implies that this ready mix can be utilized for both fine surface completing and thick base putting according to the requirement. Gypsona is the leading Ready Mix Plaster Manufacturers in Rajasthan and Delhi, NCR. This product easily available and efficient to use.