Best Plaster of Paris False Ceiling Design Ideas

Plaster of paris

Best Plaster of Paris False Ceiling Design Ideas

Plaster of Paris is the best material for false ceilings. False ceilings constructed with gypsum plaster can take any shape.

Levels can be created in the ceiling using this plaster. Any shape or design you can create using plaster of Paris.

The use of Plaster of Paris false ceiling provides a wide range of lighting options for the interiors.

You can choose a recessed ceiling with the central part of the ceiling recessed. This way you’ve soffit lighting along the ceiling edges.

Another popular option is bay lighting.

Plaster of Paris false ceiling with bay lighting is a very popular choice and it’s a modern way to decorate interior ceilings.

Recessed lighting should always be used with false ceilings, so POP false ceiling is no exception.

What are the benefits of Plaster of Paris False Ceiling?

  • It can be mould into any shape and therefore can be used to make ornamented designs for ceiling.
  • They can give the interiors a classic look.
  • The false ceiling is a common element of modern interiors.
  • Gypsum plaster can be used to create varied shapes of false ceiling.
  • It can be made interesting by giving different levels in the ceiling.
  • POP ceiling with bay lighting is a popular constituent of modern interiors.
  • It is commonly used to hide air conditioning ducts.
  • It’s also used to cover ugly beams running across the ceiling.
  • Gypsum plaster can shape up with other materials like glass and wood. This way you can get a composite ceiling.
  • It gives you additional insulation from heat.
  • It lessens overall height of the space and that is good for air-conditioning.
  • False ceilings with proper lightings can do artistic wonders.

Note: If you’re looking for some best quality Gypsum Plaster, then you must contact some highly reputed Gypsum Suppliers.

POP designs: POP design ceiling and wall:

The POP ceiling can be given any texture & colour and is most often used with wood in the ceiling.

Another option which is broadly used to complement the POP ceiling is glass.

Therefore, if a person wants to go for a specific material for constructing the ceiling, POP can be effectively used with it.

It helps to enhance the beauty of the design.

If an embroidered ceiling is not your choice, then you can also opt for a plain Plaster of Paris ceiling, which is painted in an attractive colour.

The gypsum plaster gives a smooth & flushed look to the ceiling. And it’s hard to be obtained by other materials.

With these varied ceiling designs, a lot can be done with lighting by creating various options for the interior spaces.

Another option that is quite trendy today is cove lighting.

POP false ceiling designs that include cove lighting are a usual way to decorate the interior ceiling designs today.

These are increasingly becoming popular. Reason being, they help in hiding all the electrical wiring and the AC ducts. Therefore it gives a nice look. If you’ve high ceilings at home, it could add to the decor. Not only this, it lets you play with lighting.

This ceiling allows you to add depth to the room by showcasing the gap between high & the lowered ceiling.

It covers up the wiring used in lighting installed in the ceiling.

You could also get some interesting statues on the higher ceiling using Gypsum plaster.

It also has sound absorption capacity. So, it makes your room calm and quiet. It’s good at absorbing heat also.

A word of caution:

  • If not maintained well, the false ceiling can be home to pests and spider webs.
  • If the actual ceiling in your home isn’t too high, then adding false ceiling could make your room look smaller and claustrophobic.
  • A hanging structure, the false ceiling isn’t as solid as the actual ceiling. So, installing any heavy lighting or other fixtures could cause damage.  

The cost of a false ceiling is very reasonable. POP false ceiling

There’re various types of designs available and when you go for straightforward plane design, it would cost less than a complex design.

But usually, that’s what the cost is. It includes everything i.e labor charges, materials etc that is required for suspension.

If you’re planning to get interior designing done, then the interior contractor you’re working with will be able to help you out in this matter.

Otherwise, you can independently find false ceiling contractors.

There’re many contractors who work under different interior contractors as a subcontractor for false ceiling works.

They’ll be happy to work directly. However, you need to check everything before engaging with a false ceiling contractor.

The process starts with a free survey of the premises. Your contractor will suggest you a few design options to choose from.

If you’ve something in kind, you may show them the pictures; sketches etc and can get modified quotation based on your own false ceiling design.

Once you’ve finalized a design, you can choose the material (Gypsum plaster) and then discover the overall cost of the false ceiling.

If you’re working directly with a false ceiling contractor, you need to agree on a progress based payment term.

You have to release payments in two or three phases based on the progress of the work.

This is to make sure that you don’t have to keep looking for the contractor while the work is still not completed.

When you’re designing your new house or remodeling an old one, there’re a few things that you need to keep in mind.

Below are a few things that one has to consider before getting a false ceiling done.

  1. Size and design:

As far as designs are concerned, squares and rectangles are most popular.

  1. Paint:

All false ceilings should be whitewashed properly.  You could be a bit more experimental and use different colors.

  1. Modifications:

It’s not really easy to fix or install fixtures on a suspended ceiling.

However, you could get a professional to cut out a small portion of the ceiling. After that, it can be repaired later.

But it’s ideal to plan everything well in advance, so you don’t have to touch the final product.

  1. Maintenance and future repairs:

False ceilings usually don’t require heavy maintenance. Regular cleaning of the ceiling with a sponge would just do.

But if the Plaster of Paris false ceiling is white, then you would’ve to dust it very often.

  1. Check the height:

Some ceilings need more headroom than others, so you need to get the height checked before you actually start to place suspenders.

Be prepared to add or reduce a few inches of height as the Plaster of Paris sheets will take up some room.


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